This month the Genre Cult boys are joined by special guest Heikki from Finland (aka DKSTR) to talk about the Scandinavian corn flake RnB that is Skweee. Along the way we hear from Alex’s Mum, the man who coined the Genre – Daniel Savio. As well as Mesak, one of the curators of legendary skweee label Harmonia records. Salmiakkikossu life eternal.

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Pavan – Punt Kick
Daniel Savio – Yu (heart] Bibimbab
Leo – Fee Fi Fo Fum (1983)
Zapp – Dance Floor
Randy Barracuda – Rick James Is Dead
Eero Johannes – We Could Be Skweeeroes
Kotchy – Sing What You Want (Rusko’s Skweee Remix)
DANIEL SAVIO INTERVIEW (various Daniel Savio Tracks)
Daniel Savio – Revolt
Daniel Savio – Monkey Pee Monkey Poo
Daniel Savio – We call it Skweee
DKSTR – Miami Deli
Mesak – Omega Jam
Fattaru – 100 (Uday RMX)
Mesak & Claws Costeau – Hermot
Fløøød – Zwangs
V.C. Invisibility
DKSTR – Dry Ice
DKSTR – Duck

Further Linkage

We Call it Skweee Full Doco


Flogsta Danshall


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