Hit the streets of Cairo with Eugene and Alex as Genre Cult looks into Mahraganat. Auto-Tuned Arabic gangsta rap with a comedic flair. This music has been becoming more and more popular in Egypt over the last few years. Listen as the boys fumble over pronunciations and lack of understanding the Arabic lyrical content, but also talk to Mahraganat producer and MC Michael from Tamer + Michael (with some Skype gremlins messing up the quality a little).

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Explain it to your Mum
Sadat – Fuck I Lost My Slipper
Oka w Ortega – Shekh Koffa
Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent – Five Pounds Credit
Tamar w Michael – Aflam

Interview with Michael of “Tamar w Michael


Tamar w Michael – Wad Aloush
Filo + Sadat – I’m Stoned
Sadat + Fifty – The Streets are Crowded
DJ Filo – Minimum
MaTb3aa.CoM ||EL_-MaGnOoN (ID3 Tag issues not sure what is the track or artist)
EEK [Islam Chipsy] – Live at the Cairo High Cinema Institute

*Feature Image from Mosa’ab Elshamy (Rolling Stone)

DW Documentary
New York Times Documentary
Dummy Mag Mumdance Mahraganat / Grime Mix
MaTb33a: The Source of all good Mahragans
Electro Chabbi Documentary
The Quietus: Feature on Electro Chabbi


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