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After over a year of radio silence the Genre Cult lads are back!!
Bringing you deep into the mystical world of Dungeon Synth, Alex explains to Eugene the fascinating music he has been listening too. Also including some insightful talks with German 90’s Dungeon Synth artist Forgotten Pathways and the worlds leading DS expert and moderator on r/metal Kaptain Carbon. 2spooky5me..

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Burzum – Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God [Self Titled – Discogs]
Mortiis – Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost (Excerpt of Part 1) [Discogs]
Mortiis – World Essence [The Stargate – iTunes]
Summoning – Khazad Dum [Dol Guldur- iTunes]
Forgotten Pathways – Incoming [Shrouded in Mystery Tape – Discogs]


Forgotten Pathways Interview – (Website, Instagram, Facebook)
Forgotten Pathways – Bury Me Under the Juniper Tree [A Long Way Home – Bandcamp]
Forgotten Pathways – The Tomb of a King [A Long Way Home – Bandcamp]


Genre Trends: Skweee vs Dungeon Synth 


Erang – Thirteen Runes Over The Gate Of Kolm [Kindom of Erang – Bandcamp]
Lord Lovidicus – The Halls of Thranduil [Book of Lore Vol. 1 – Bandcamp]


Kaptain Carbon Interview


Lord Lovidicus – Forging an Iron Crown [Book of Lore Vol. 1 – Bandcamp]
Grimrik – Im frein Fall (Edit) [Die Mauren der Nacht – Bandcamp]



Dungeon Synth Wiki
Dungeon Synth Facebook Community
Comprehensive Dungeon Synth History (Kaptain Carbon)
Dungeon Synth Reviews


Feature Art by Coleman Quimby




5 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Dungeon Synth

      • This would be my favorite album probably

        Also, there are far more iconic burzum synth tracks, like this one, it takes some time to get to the juicy part but once it does… you’ll know. This is dreamlike, very well produced as well

        Your best find there was probably Grimriks album. He has a 2 man proyect with Murgrind, a friend of his. They are called Arath and they released some kickass high quality productions, i’m more of a lo fi kinda guy but their work is simply way above average.

        Maybe you already know about these things, i’m just taking reference from what you played on the podcast. You linked Lord Lovidicus and he has some neat albums, especially “Autumnal Winds and Times of Yore”. Other things I could mention to you are Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra, Gothmog, Forgotten Land, and… well, you could give my own project a listen, though there is only a couple singles released, album is halfway done

        Let me know what you think! keep it up


      • Thanks heaps, well aware of Grimrik’s other projects, there is only so much time and I wanted to cover a wide range of stuff. There was also some Lord Lovidicus played in between the Kaptain Carbon interview. I will certainly listen through a bunch of the other stuff you’ve put here. The Burzum track I chose to play was simply because it was the first I stumbled across and I personally thought is fairly powerful (if a little minimal and simplistic). Thanks again for listening!


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