The core of the night, Eugene and Alex are back looking at the ultra-fast hypercolour world of Nightcore. Discussing the anime connections and the early days of internet video sharing, through to its reinterpretations by artists around the PC Music roster. Includes an interview with YouTuber and Nightcore Universe co-founder Maikel6311. Speed it up, Get your ratio right.



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Nightcore – Dum Dadi Do (Youtube) [“Fantasy Project – Dum Dadi Do” iTunes]
Nightcore – 5 Elements (Youtube) [“Liquid Spill – 5 Elements” Discogs]
Nightcore – God is a Girl (Youtube) [“Groove Coverage – God is a Girl” iTunes]

Maikel6311 Interview (Youtube, Facebook)

Nightcore – Sweet Dreams (Youtube) [“Recover Project – Sweet Dreams (Cansis Remix)” iTunes]
Tacoemoji – Beginnings (Nite Corp.) [“Bebe Rexha – Sweet Beginnings” iTunes]
lilangelboi – Light (Manicure Records) [“Juventa – Move Into Light” Soundcloud]*alex’s note: not many changes from original small amounts tho.

Genre Trends – Nightcore vs Happy Hardcore

Nightcorey – All Nite (Nite. Corp) [“Icona Pop – All Night”iTunes]
AG Cook – Superstar (PC Music)

Nightcore – Know Your Meme Page
Nest HQ Guide to Nightcore
First Nightcore Song on Youtube
Non Stop Pop – Simon Whybray



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