What it do! The Genre Cultists, Eugene and Alex take a look into the slowed and throwed music of Houston hip-hop Chopped & Screwed. Looking into it’s originators, innovators and having a chat with historian Maco Faniel, author of “Hip Hop in Houston: Origin and Legacy”. Knowalmtalbout.


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Mantronix – Fresh is the word
Laid Back – White Horse
Laid Back – White Horse [Screwed – DJ Screw]
LiL Keke – Pimp tha Pen [DJ Screw – 3 in tha’ Mornin’ pt.2]
Scarface – Southside Houston tx [Screwed – DJ Screw]
Choppaholix – Cumbia 12
ESG – Swangin & Bangin [Screwed – DJ Screw]

Maco Faniel Interview  (Website)

Mike Jones – Still Tippin’ (Feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall) [Screwed & Chopped – Michael ‘5000’ Watts]
Drake – Club Paradise [Chopped-Up not Slopped-Up – OG Ron C]
Drake – November 18th
Beyonce – I Been On (Feat. LiL KeKe, Slim Thug, Willie D, Scarface, Z-Ro & Bun B)


Guardian Article
Travis Scott presents: Houston (written by Maco Faniel)
University of Houston Hip Hop Collection
Screwed in Houston – Vice Doco
Awready Houston Hip Hop Conference (Panels and Talks)

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