In one of the most indepth and academic looks at a Genre yet, the cult lads Alex and Eugene take a look at Funk Carioca or Baile Funk from Brazil. A mammoth task as the music has existed since the early 90s consistently up till today and encompasses numerous sub-genres and evolutions. They are helped along the way by Brazilian scholar Carlos Palombini who is well regarded for his research into Funk Proibidao, and is currently applying Pierre Schaefer’s concept of sonic morphology to the evolution of Funk Carioca Sound.

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2Live Crew – Doo Wah Diddy
Abdulah – Melô Da Mulher Feia
DJ Battery Brain – 808 Volt Mix
Cidinho e Doca – Rap da Felicidade
General D e Funk’n Lata – Sobi esse pano, mano
MC Tito e Xandao – Rap da Vila Comari
Rap das Armas – Tropa de Elite
Interview w/ Carlos Palombini
DJ Marlbaro – Injeção
DJ Sany Pitbull -Tribos
Mc Orelha – Faixa de Gaza
MC Guimê – Plaque de 100
MC Bin Laden – Tá Tranquilo, Tá Favorável
MC Ted – Bebe Fuma (DJ Will MPC)
MC Pierre – Toma Chumbo (DJ R7)
Fezinho Patatyy – Varias no Pente ( DJ Will )
MC Livinho – Tenebrosa (DJ R7)

Not Even Baile Funk Episode
Funk Ostentation Documentary
Sau Paulo Funk Documentary – No Fluxo
Passinho Dance Off Documentary
Tamborzao Documentary


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