Episode 14 – Funk Carioca


In one of the most indepth and academic looks at a Genre yet, the cult lads Alex and Eugene take a look at Funk Carioca or Baile Funk from Brazil. A mammoth task as the music has existed since the early 90s consistently up till today and encompasses numerous sub-genres and evolutions. They are helped along the way by Brazilian¬†scholar Carlos Palombini who is well regarded for his research into Funk Proibidao, and is currently applying Pierre Schaefer’s concept of sonic morphology to the evolution of Funk Carioca Sound.

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Not Even Genre Cult – Big Beat

budgie-collectiveAnother one of these clip show re-packaged old content as new things that is Not Even Genre Cult. We dive head first into the overcompressed breaks that saturated the late 90’s with Big Beat. Guided along the way by special guest and Big Beat aficionado, Hayden (aka Null, fka BKind2Me). Originally recorded 19/03/13

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Episode 13 – Chopped & Screwed


What it do! The Genre Cultists, Eugene and Alex take a look into the slowed and throwed music of Houston hip-hop Chopped & Screwed. Looking into it’s originators, innovators and having a chat with historian Maco Faniel, author of “Hip Hop in Houston: Origin and Legacy”. Knowalmtalbout.

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An interruption in your Genre Cult feed as we bring you material from the archives edited down into bite size pieces for your podcast consuming pleasure. Alex and Eugene started doing this whole music genre exploration thing in 2012 and so as a way to bring you more content more frequently we are packaging the older stuff up and pretending its new! So we present the first Not Even Episode to be recorded looking into the Mexican Pointy Boot phenomenon of Tribal Guarachero or 3ball.

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Episode 12 – Nightcore



The core of the night, Eugene and Alex are back looking at the ultra-fast hypercolour world of Nightcore. Discussing the anime connections and the early days of internet video sharing, through to its reinterpretations by artists around the PC Music roster. Includes an interview with YouTuber and Nightcore Universe co-founder Maikel6311. Speed it up, Get your ratio right.


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Episode 11 – Dungeon Synth

GenreCult-Dungeon Synth


After over a year of radio silence the Genre Cult lads are back!!
Bringing you deep into the mystical world of Dungeon Synth, Alex explains to Eugene the fascinating music he has been listening too. Also including some insightful talks with German 90’s Dungeon Synth artist Forgotten Pathways and the worlds leading DS expert and moderator on r/metal Kaptain Carbon. 2spooky5me..

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Episode 10 – Mahraganat


Hit the streets of Cairo with Eugene and Alex as Genre Cult looks into Mahraganat. Auto-Tuned Arabic gangsta rap with a comedic flair. This music has been becoming more and more popular in Egypt over the last few years. Listen as the boys fumble over pronunciations and lack of understanding the Arabic lyrical content, but also talk to Mahraganat producer and MC Michael from Tamer + Michael (with some Skype gremlins messing up the quality a little).

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