Not Even Slimepunk & Icepunk


After Seapunk various Tumblr genres struggled to try and exist. This is a look at the briefly but never really existing Slimepunk and Icepunk.





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SlimePunk Mix
STLKRFXXX – Karolina Blood
Tennis Hoodman – Hollywood [Bang Diss PIXXV]
STYLSS Rustie – Hover Traps (G Jones Slow Motion Bootleg)
Eprom – Dirty Diamonds feat. Sleepyhead
Yheti – High in the Club
NastyNasty – No Names VIP
Loops Haunt – Ark
Soccer Legends – Slaves
Yung Gutted – Hood
Neuport -WEAKK&STRONGG Ft. Tennis Rodman

Icepunk Mix
Cabbibo – Polar Excess
Pop Culture Shaman – Caravan Caravas
▲NDRΛS – ℉rozen to Death
❄PERMAFROST❄ – Yung Arctic
Dali Vision – Snow, At Long Last
JoeyBagaDoughnuts – AVALANCHE! (Prod. by BLOWN)
GuMMy†Be▲R! – Ice Skatin’
Drowning The Colossus – Chill Palace

Bleep Bloop – A Drop From A Cloud
banginclude – Swerve
Flying Lotus – SDS (Mac Miller Instrumental)
Vaiper Despotin – Gotham Taxi
Munchi – Press Pause
Harry Fraud – Yacht Lash ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Riff Raff
Deejay Earl – Funky Beatz
T_A_M & Zubuntu – Chim Richalds
Jaw Jam – The Truth (Lockah Remix)
Chance The Rapper – Juice
Tythe – Careless Woman (Lapalux Remix)
LeDoom – Rain
Ciara – Body Party (Cleindl Remix)
Yukon Snakes – Grey Not Blonde



#Hashtag Genres

Icepunk #1

Icepunk #2


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