Not Even Glitch Hop

glitch hop

An umbrella term that was popular at one point for more Hip Hop oriented bass music. Glitch Elements with Hop Elements.



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Heaps Influential
The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points Feat. Swan
Prefuse 73 – Life Death Feat. Mikah 9
Telefon Tel Aviv – Sound In a Dark Room
Ooah – To Keep From Descending
Loops Haunt – Hurache

Glitch Hop Mix
Slugabed – Slugabed Sez
edIT – The Game Is Not Over (feat. J Dilla, Phat Kat & Dabrye)
Eboman – Donuts with Frietboer (remix)
Pixelord – Quartz Boy (Coco Bryce Dirt Rider Remix)
Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues
Puzzle – Vacuumpact
Prefuse 73 – Uprock And Invigorate
Himuro Yoshiteru – We, Mess-Age
Ghost Row –
Death Grips – Hunger games
Ghost Mutt – Platinum Skull


G Jones – Strawberries
Opal Block – Windyke
Hesk – Lotus Flower Bomb (Remix)
Om Unit – Ulysses VIP
Pixelord – Been Lookin
Onego – Bug Ten
Cosmic Revenge – Crystal Skies (Laney Remix)
Expendable Youth & CRNKN – GUNFIYAH
Dreams – Lost Kingdom
Fauna – Soulmates
AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love
Flying Lotus – Heave(n)
Fishing – Choy Lin
Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
VECT – Rhodes Trip
Emufucka – Ryvius
Chief – Stay Puft
How To Dress Well – Ocean Floor For Everything



Glitch Mob Crush Mode Mixtape (2009)

Definitive List of Glitch Hop Artists


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