Not Even Turntabilism

 Hip Hop DJs making releases showing off their prowess at the decks.
Heaps Influential

Mix Master Mike – Three MCs And One DJ
DJ Q-Bert – Movement 1: Quadraphonic Eleme
DJ Shadow – The Number Song
Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
Jurassic 5 – SWING SET


Kid Koala – 8 bit Blues (Chicago to LA to NY)
C2C – Classe & Panache
The X-Ecutioners – Turntabilists Anthem
DJ Q-Bert – Razorblade Alcohol Slide
DJ K-Salaam – Middle East Scratching
The X-Ecutioners – Premier’s X-Ecution
C2C – Coups de Cross (Hocus Pocus)
Dilated Peoples – Service
Mix Master Mike – Extra Beast
DJ Shadow – The Number Song [Cut Chemist Party Mix]

Isaac Tichauer – This Is Trouble (Laberge 160 Edit)
Jana Rush – Amateur Sex
Hesk – Sippin On Molly Water
TWRK – Living Room (Tielsie remix)
Addison Groove – I Go Boom (DJ Rashad Remix)
Lauryn Hill – Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)
Kendrick Lamar – M.A.A.D. City (Eprom Remix)
Anamanaguchi – Prom Night
Rooster Cogburn – Black (Mike G Remix)
Slava – as long as you love me
Gloom – Sore Throat
Mentalcut – Change Position
MightyHor – Walk In Stomp (The Crane Remix)
Bosstone – Body

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